Best 20+ Bedtime Stories For Kids

Best 20+ Bedtime Stories For Kids


Best 20+ Bedtime Stories For Kids



1 – Story Of The Hen That Laid The Golden Egg


In Marathi Lekhak – A farmer lived with his wife in a village. He had a small farm, where he used to work hard all day. But even after hard work, the income received from agriculture was not enough for his living and he was forced to lead a life of poverty.

One day the farmer bought some chickens from the market. He wanted to earn money by selling chicken eggs. Together with his wife, he made a small shed in the courtyard of the house and kept the chickens in it.

When he peeped into the box in the morning, he was surprised. There was a golden egg lying there. The farmer got good money by selling the golden eggs.

The next day again he got the golden egg. The farmer and his wife understood that one of their hens lays a golden egg. One night, by keeping watch, he recognized the hen that laid the golden egg. Since then they started taking special care of him. That hen would give him a golden egg everyday, by selling which the farmer became rich in a few months.

The farmer was satisfied with his life. But his wife was greedy. One day she said to the farmer, “How long will we keep taking only one golden egg every day. Why don’t we take all the eggs out of the hen’s belly at once? Then we will sell them and become so rich at once that we will not need to work.

After listening to the words of the wife, greed also came in the mind of the farmer. He went to the market and bought a big knife from there.

At night he went to the hen house with his wife and caught hold of the golden egg-laying hen and tore open her stomach. But there were no golden eggs in the hen’s stomach. The farmer and his wife started regretting their mistake. Due to the greed of more golden eggs, they lost even one golden egg they got daily.

Lesson – “Greed is a bad thing.”


2 – The Story Of The Thirsty Crow


They were summer days. A crow was suffering from thirst and was wandering here and there in search of water. But even after wandering in many places, he could not find water.

He was flying very late. Due to continuous flying, he was very tired and shattered. On the other hand, his thirst was increasing in the scorching heat. Slowly he started losing his patience. He started feeling that now his end time is near. Today he will definitely get death.

Due to fatigue, he was no longer able to fly. He sat on the roof of a house to rest for some time. There he saw that a pitcher was kept in one corner of the roof. In the hope of having water in the pitcher, he flew to the pitcher and looked inside it.

The crow saw that there was water in the pitcher, but it was so low that its beak could not reach there. He became sad. He could not understand how to reach the water kept in the pot. But then he thought that being sad would not work, some solution would have to be thought of.

While sitting on top of the pitcher, he started thinking of a solution. While thinking, his eyes fell on the pile of pebbles lying nearby. Then what was left? The bell in the crow’s mind rang. He thought of a solution.

Without delay, he flew to the pile of pebbles and picked up one of them with his beak, brought it to the pitcher and put it in the pitcher. He picked up each pebble with his beak and started pouring it into the pot. By pouring pebbles, the water in the pitcher started coming up. Within a short time, the water in the pitcher rose so high that the crow could drink water by putting its beak in it. The crow’s hard work had paid off and he was satisfied after drinking water.

Learning – “No matter how difficult the time is, one should work with patience and use intelligence to get out of that difficulty. It is possible to solve every problem with patience and intelligence. ,


3 – The Story Of The Topiwala and the Monkey


A man lived in a village. His job was to sell caps. Along with his village, he used to sell caps in other nearby villages as well. Every morning he used to fill a big basket with a lot of colorful caps and put it on his head and leave the house. He used to come back home after selling all the caps in the evening.

One day after selling caps in his village, he was going to another nearby village. It was the afternoon time. He was tired and his throat was also dry. Seeing a well at a place on the way, he stopped. There was a banyan tree near the well, under which he kept a basket of hats and started drinking water from the well.

After quenching his thirst, he thought that it would be okay to move forward only after relaxing for a while. He took out a cap from the basket and wore it. Then he sat under the banyan tree by spreading a towel. He was tired, soon he fell asleep.

He was sleeping snoring when the noise woke him up. When he opened his eyes, he saw that many monkeys were jumping on the top of the banyan tree. He was surprised to see that all those monkeys had caps on their heads. When he looked at his hat basket, he found all the hats missing.

He started banging his head in worry. Started thinking that if the monkey took all the caps, he would suffer a big loss. Seeing him beating his head, the monkeys also started beating their heads. Monkeys have a habit of copying. They were imitating the cap seller.

Seeing the monkeys imitating themselves, the cap seller thought of a way to get the caps back. Following the remedy, he took off his cap and threw it away. Then what was left? The monkeys also took off their caps and threw them. The cap seller quickly collected all the caps in the basket and took the way ahead.

Lesson – “Every problem can be solved with understanding.”


4 – The Story Of The Fox And The Grapes


A fox lived in a forest. One day she was wandering in the jungle in search of hungry and thirsty food. While wandering from morning to evening, he could not find any prey.

By evening, she reached a village near the forest. There he saw a field. The hungry fox entered the field. There was a grape vine wrapped around a tall tree, in which bunches of juicy grapes were engaged.

On seeing the grapes, saliva started dripping from the fox’s mouth. She wanted to satisfy her hunger by eating those juicy grapes. She saw a bunch of grapes and jumped loudly. A bunch of grapes hanging from a vine wrapped around a high branch was out of his reach. She could not reach him.

He thought why not try one more time. This time she jumped with a little more force. But this time also could not reach the grapes. For some time she kept on jumping and trying to reach the grapes. But how much effort would a tired, hungry and thirsty fox wander in the forest for the whole day?

She got tired and sat under the tree and started looking at the grapes with greedy eyes. He understood that it was beyond his reach to reach the grapes. So after staring at the grapes for some time, she got up and started leaving.

She had given up the idea of eating grapes. The monkey sitting on a tree nearby was watching him for a long time. Seeing her leaving, he could not stop himself and asked, “What happened fox sister? Why are you going back? Won’t you eat grapes?

The fox stopped and seeing the monkey said with a faint smile, “No monkey brother. I do not eat such grapes. These are sour.

Lesson – When we are not able to achieve something, then to hide our weaknesses, we start finding shortcomings in that thing itself. While we should identify our weaknesses and remove them and try to work sensibly until we become successful. Nothing is achieved in life by blaming others. It is achieved through hard work and efforts.


5 – The Story Of The Tortoise And The Hare


A capricious rabbit lived in a forest. He used to jump, play and run in the forest all day long. He used to run so fast that no animal in the forest could match him. He was very proud of this.

He often challenged the animals of the forest to a race with him and was very happy when he defeated them. Slowly his pride started speaking on his head. Whichever animal he defeated in the race, he used to laugh a lot and make fun of it. The animals of the forest used to find this behavior of the rabbit very bad, when they would say something to him, he would say, “First show me by defeating me in the race, then say something.”

One day the hare saw a tortoise, who was going somewhere in his slow walk. Seeing her, he started laughing out loud.

Seeing him laughing, the tortoise asked, “Brother rabbit, why are you laughing?”

The rabbit said, “I am laughing seeing you. You are so slow and your moves are even slower than you. Look at me, there is no animal running as fast as me in this forest.

“You shouldn’t be so proud of yourself. Everyone’s pride breaks at some point. Yours will also break. The tortoise spoke while explaining to him.

“I am the fastest running animal in this forest, so why should I be proud of it? Who else will break my pride, you?” The rabbit spoke.

“Yes I will, I will break your pride.” Said of the turtle.

“If that’s the case, run a race with me tomorrow. See who wins?” The rabbit challenged the tortoise and said.

The tortoise accepted his challenge. The next morning a race competition was held between the two. All the animals of the forest came to watch the race. Everyone knew that only the rabbit would win the race, but still everyone was curious.

The tortoise and the hare had to run to the river in the jungle. Both got ready for the race. The referee monkey whistled and both started running. The tortoise took a step, while the hare ran so fast that it disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The hare was running fast, while the tortoise was moving slowly. After reaching very close to the river, the hare turned around to see how far the tortoise had reached. He could not see the tortoise far and wide.

Laughing, he started thinking that it would be evening for this turtle to reach the river. I do this, I take rest for some time.

He started to relax under a tree. He didn’t even know when his eyes were touched and he fell asleep in a deep sleep.

On the other hand, the tortoise kept moving forward slowly. Many animals explained to him that the rabbit has reached too far, now there is no use in running. But the tortoise did not agree. He said, “When the challenge is taken, I will try my best.”

The tortoise kept moving forward and passed by the same tree where the rabbit was snoring and sleeping. Seeing him the tortoise smiled and went ahead. He kept moving forward without stopping and reached the river. The tortoise had won the race and the hare was still sleeping. All the animals were happy on the victory of the turtle, they started congratulating him, clapping loudly for him.

When the sound of clapping reached the ears of the rabbit, then its sleep was broken. He reached near the river running. See, the turtle has already reached there. He started repenting. His pride was shattered. He vowed that he would never boast, never make fun of anyone, and once he started a work, he would not stop without completing it.

Lesson – Never be proud, pride definitely breaks sometimes.
Those who try never lose. Keep doing your work with hard work without stopping, you will definitely get success.


6 – The Story Of The Silly Bear


A greedy bear lived in a forest. He was always in search of more. He is never satisfied with little. When he woke up one afternoon, he felt very hungry. He went out in search of food.

The weather was clear that day. The golden sun was shining. The bear thought, “What a fine weather it is. In this season, I should go fishing. Let’s have a feast of fish today.

Thinking this, he took the path of the river. After reaching the bank of the river, the bear thought that if he could get hold of a big fish, he would have fun. He put his hand in the river with full hope and a fish came to his hand. He was very happy. But, when he took his hand out of the river, he saw that the fish in his hand was small.

He was very disappointed. Arey, what will happen to me? If you get hold of a big fish, then it becomes a matter. He threw that small fish back into the river and got ready to catch fish again.

After some time, he put his hand in the river again and got a fish in his hand again. But, that fish was also small. He threw that fish also in the river thinking that this small fish will not fill my stomach.

He repeatedly caught fish by putting his hand in the river and every time he got a small fish. He would throw the small fish back into the river in the hope of the big one. While doing this, it was evening and he did not get a single big fish.

He was in a bad condition due to hunger. He started wondering how many small fish I threw away for the big fish. Those little fish could be equal to a big fish and could fill my stomach.

Lesson – “Understand the importance of what you have. Even if it is small, but it is better than nothing.


7 – The Tale Of The Two Cats And The Monkey


The two cats had a good friendship with each other. They used to play with each other all day, talk a lot and at the same time search for food.

One day both of them went out in search of food. After wandering here and there for a long time, his eyes fell on a bread lying on the way. A cat quickly picked up the bread and started putting it in its mouth.

Then the other cat bit him and said, “Hey, how are you eating this bread alone? We both saw this roti together. That’s why we should share it and eat it.

The first cat broke the bread and gave it to the second cat, but that piece was small. She felt bad seeing this and said, “Hey, this piece is small. You should have cut it into pieces like roti. You are being dishonest with me.

An argument started between the two on this matter. The debate increased so much that both started fighting. At the same time a monkey passed from there. Seeing them fighting, he asked the reason. The cats told him everything.

Knowing the whole thing, the monkey said, “Hey, you two are fighting over such a small thing. I have a scale. If you both want, I can share this bread equally between you both.

Cats are ready. The monkey came with a scale. He took bread from the cats and broke it and started weighing the scales by placing them on both pans. Hungry cats started looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Out of the piece of bread placed on the pan of the scales, one piece was big and one piece was small, due to which the pan got tilted to one side. Then the monkey said, “Hey, is this one piece bigger than the other. Let me make it equal. He broke a little piece of bread and put it in his mouth.

Now the second piece has become bigger than the first. Now the monkey broke it a little and put it in his mouth. Then the same series went on. If the piece of bread was bigger, the monkey would have broken it and eaten it.

While doing this very small pieces of roti were left. Now the cats got scared. He started feeling that in such a situation nothing would come to his share. She said, “Monkey brother, why do you also get upset. Bring it, now we will distribute it among ourselves.

The monkey said, “Okay. But the hard work I have done so far will be rewarded. That’s why these pieces of bread are mine. And he put the remaining pieces of bread in his mouth and kept walking.

The cats kept looking at him. He had realized his mistake. They understood that the monkey had fooled them by taking advantage of their mutual division. At the same time she decided that now she will never quarrel and will live with love.

Learning – “Stay together. Otherwise, some third party will take advantage of the mutual dissension.


8 – The Bell On The Cat’s Neck Story


There was a big house in a city. Rats had encamped in that house. Whenever they got a chance, they would come out of their burrows and sometimes clean their hands on the food items, sometimes they would gnaw other things in the house. His life was going on very happily.

Here the landlord was fed up with the rats. So he brought a big cat. Now that cat started living in the same house. With the arrival of the cat, the life of the rats became haram. Whatever rat came out of the bill, she would have licked it.

It became difficult for the rats to get out of the burrows. Out of fear, they used to enter the bill only. The cat had become a big problem for him. That’s why one day a meeting of rats was called.

All the rats attended the meeting. The leader rat said, “Friends, you all know that the cat has become a trouble for us. Everyday she kills one or the other of our companions and eats them. It has become difficult to get away from the bills. But for how long will we keep hiding in the bill. In search of food we have to go out of the burrow. This meeting has been called so that this problem can be solved. You can give your suggestions one by one.

Gave this suggestion to all the rats one by one. At last a mouse got up and said chirping, “I just had a wonderful idea in my mind. Why don’t we tie a bell around the cat’s neck? Whenever the cat is around, we will come to know by the sound of the bell and we will run away from there. Tell me, how did you like the solution?

All the rats liked this remedy very much. They started dancing and swinging in happiness.

Then an old and experienced mouse stood up and said, “Fools, stop dancing and singing and just tell me who will bell the cat?”

It was to be heard that the dancing and singing of the rats had stopped. Tying a bell around the cat’s neck was losing one’s life. No one was prepared for this. Everyone fell silent. Only then they heard the sound of cat’s steps and what was it then? Everyone ran towards their respective bills by putting their feet on their heads.

Lesson – “There is no use in planning, if it cannot be implemented.”


9 – The Story Of The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf


A shepherd boy lived in a village. Every day he used to go to the meadows near the forest with his sheep. There he would leave the sheep to graze and himself would sit under a tree and keep an eye on them. This was his routine.

Sitting under the tree all day long, his time was spent with great difficulty. He used to feel bored. He used to think that I wish there could be some fun in my life too.

One day while grazing the sheep, he got a joke and started shouting loudly, “Wolf came, wolf came.”

Some farmers were working in the fields at some distance from there. Hearing the voice of the shepherd boy, they left their work and ran to help him. But as soon as they reached him, he started laughing loudly.

The farmer got very angry. Scolded him and warned him not to make such jokes after today. Then they returned to their respective fields.

The shepherd boy was very happy to see the farmers of the village coming running to him. He did not take his warning seriously. The next day he again realized the prankster and started shouting again, “The wolf has come, the wolf has come.”

The farmers working in the field came running again, seeing whom the shepherd boy again started laughing out loud. The farmers scolded him again and warned him. But it had no effect on him. After that, every now and then he kept calling the farmers by saying ‘Bhediya Aaya Bhediya Aaya’. Farmers also kept coming thinking that there was no danger to the child. But they were getting very upset due to this mischief of his.

One day the shepherd boy was sitting under the shade of a tree playing the flute when a wolf really came there. He started crying for help, “The wolf has come, the wolf has come.”

But this time the farmers thought that even today this child is troubling them. That’s why they didn’t go to help him. The wolf killed and ate some of his sheep.

The shepherd boy ran to the farmers working in the field and started crying, “Today the wolf really came. He killed and ate some of my sheep.

The farmer said, “You do mischief with us everyday. We thought that your intention is the same even today. You had lost our trust. That’s why none of us came to help you.”

The cowherd boy realized his mistake and took a vow that he would never again lie and trouble others.

Lesson – “Nobody believes those who lie repeatedly. To win someone’s trust, always speak the truth.”


10 – The Story Of The Greedy King Midas


A greedy king named Midas ruled in a kingdom. He had a daughter named ‘Marigold’, whom he loved very much.

There was a lot of gold in the treasury of Midas. This much gold was not in the treasury of any king in the world. Still, the more gold kept increasing in his treasury, the more his greed kept increasing. He used to count the gold kept in the treasury the whole day. Because of this, he neither pays attention to the Raj-Pat, nor to his daughter Marigold.

Day by day his greed for gold was increasing. In order to get more gold, once he kept a fast and started praying hard to God. Pleased, God appeared to him and asked him to ask for the desired boon.

Midas said, “O Lord! Give me a boon that whatever I touch, it becomes gold.

God had seen the greed inside the heart of Midas. That’s why before giving the boon, he asked, “Son! You are asking for this boon after thinking carefully, aren’t you?

“Oh God! I want to be the richest king in the world. I have thought well. I want this boon. Please grant me a boon.” Midas replied.

“so be it! I give you a boon that tomorrow with the first ray of sun whatever you touch will turn into gold. After giving blessings, God disappeared.

King Midas could not contain his happiness after receiving this boon. After waking up the next day, to test his power, he touched his bed. The bed became golden. He became very happy. Throughout the day he went around the palace trying to convert everything into gold.

By evening he was tired and shattered. He was very hungry. He asked his servants to serve food. Food was served. But as soon as he touched the food, it turned into gold. How does the king eat gold? To satisfy his hunger, he asked the servant to bring fruits. The servant brought the apple. But, as soon as Midas touched the apple, it also turned to gold. Seeing this, he got very angry and he got up and went to the garden of the palace.

Her daughter ‘Marigold’ is playing in the garden. When ‘Marigold’ saw her father, she ran to him and hugged him. As soon as Midas put his hand on her head expressing his love, she turned into gold. Midas was saddened to see his daughter made of gold and started crying.

He again prayed to God. Hearing the prayer, God appeared and asked him, “Rajan! What happened? What boon do you want now?

Midas started crying, “Lord! Forgive me. My intelligence had become corrupt in the greed of gold and I was asking for this boon. But because of my greed my daughter has turned into gold. I want my daughter back. God, take back this boon and give me back my daughter. My eyes have been opened. Now I have no desire to sleep. I will open my treasury for the poor and needy.

When God saw him repenting, he took back his boon. On the second day, with the first ray of the sun, all the things started coming in their original form. Marigold also returned to her original form. King Midas opened his treasury for the poor and needy. His greed had ended. He started living happily with his daughter.

Lesson – “The result of greed is bad.”


11 – The Story Of The Frog And The Mouse


Once upon a time. A frog lived in a reservoir. He had no friends, so he used to be very sad. He would always pray to God to send him a good friend, so that his sadness and loneliness could go away.

A mouse used to live in a burrow under a tree near that reservoir. He was very cheerful. One day, seeing the frog, he went to it and said, “Friend, how are you?”

The frog said in a sad voice, “I am alone. I don’t have any friends. That’s why I am very sad.

“Do not be upset. I am not I will be your friend. Whenever you want to spend time with me, you can come to my bill. The mouse proposed.

The frog was very happy after listening to the mouse. After that day both became very good friends. Both of them used to gossip for many hours on the banks of the reservoir. Now the frog was starting to be happy.

One day the frog thought of a solution and said to the mouse, “Why don’t we both tie both ends of the rope to our feet.” Whenever I miss you, I will pull the rope and you will know.”

The mouse agreed. They found a rope and tied its ends to their feet.

The falcon hovering in the sky was watching all this. He pounced on the mouse to make it his prey. Seeing this, the frog got scared and jumped into the reservoir to save its life. But in a hurry he forgot that the other end of the rope was still tied to the leg of his friend the rat. The rat also got pulled into the water and died by drowning.

After a few days, the dead body of the rat started floating on the surface of the reservoir. The falcon was still hovering in the sky. He swooped down again and carried away the dead body of the rat floating in the water by holding it in his claws. The frog also went along because one end of the rope was still tied to its leg.

Lesson – Never befriend a fool.


12 – The Story Of The Lion And The Monkey


A lion lived in a forest. He was the king of the jungle and was very powerful. All the animals used to praise him because of fear. A wise monkey lived in the same forest. He was not afraid of the lion and did not praise him in vain. This talk of the lion seemed bad. Once he called the monkey and said, “All the animals in the forest admire me, don’t you? Why so?’

“On what should I praise you?” the monkey asked.

“I am strong. All the animals of the forest are afraid of me. The lion replied.

“Vanraj! I do not consider strength to be superior to intelligence. That’s why I will not praise you just because of strength. The monkey spoke.

The lion felt bad about this and there was a dispute between the two. The topic of debate was – ‘Wisdom is better than strength’.

In the eyes of the lion, strength was superior, but in the eyes of the monkey, intelligence. Both had their own arguments. By giving their arguments, they started proving themselves right in front of each other.

The monkey said, “Sher Maharaj, intelligence is the best. With intelligence every work of the world is possible, no matter how difficult it may be? It is possible to solve every problem with intelligence, no matter how difficult it is? I am intelligent and can easily get out of any trouble by using my intelligence. Please accept this.”

Hearing the monkey’s argument, the lion got angry and said, “Silence monkey, comparing strength and intelligence, you are telling intelligence to be superior.” No one’s strength works in front of force. I am strong and your intelligence is nothing in front of my strength. If I want, I can use it this very moment to take your life.

The monkey remained calm for a few moments and said, “Your Majesty, I am going now. But I believe that intelligence is superior to force. One day I will prove it to you. I will defeat the force with my intelligence.

“I will wait for the day when you will do it. On that day I will definitely accept your statement that intelligence is superior to force. But, not till then at all. The lion replied.

Many days have passed since this. The monkey and the lion did not even come face to face.

One day the lion was returning to his cave after hunting in the forest. Suddenly he fell into a pit covered with leaves. He got hurt in his leg. Somehow he got out of the pit, then found that a hunter was standing in front of him with a gun. The lion was injured. In such a state he was unable to face the hunter.

Then suddenly stones started raining on the hunter from somewhere. The hunter was shocked. Before he could understand anything, a stone fell on his head. He shivered with pain and ran away from there to save his life.

The lion was also surprised that who attacked the hunter with stones and who saved his life. While looking here and there, he was thinking that he heard the voice of a monkey sitting on a tree in front of him, “Maharaj, what happened to your strength today? Despite being so strong, today your life was at stake.

Seeing the monkey, the lion asked, “How are you here?”

“Maharaj, for many days I had an eye on that hunter. One day I saw him digging a pit, so I understood that he was trying to hunt you. That’s why I collected a little intelligence and a lot of stones on this tree, so that if needed, I can use them against the hunter.

The monkey had saved the life of the lion. He was grateful to her. He thanked her. He also remembered the dispute between himself and the monkey. He said, “Monkey brother, today you have proved that intelligence is superior to strength. I have realized my mistake. I have understood that strength does not remain the same at all times and in all circumstances, but intelligence remains with us at all times and in all circumstances.

The monkey replied, “Maharaj, I am glad that you understand this. Pay attention to today’s incident. The hunter was less in strength than you, but in spite of this he got control over you with his intelligence. Similarly, I was less in strength than the hunter, but using intelligence I scared him away. That’s why everyone says that intelligence is far superior to force.

Learning – Every problem can be solved by using intelligence. That’s why never underestimate intelligence.


13 – The Story Of The Monkey And The Dolphin


Once some seafarers set out on a sea voyage in a big ship. One of the sailors had a pet monkey. He also kept her on the ship with him.

The journey started. The ship reached the middle of the ocean after traveling for a few days. The sailors still had to travel several days to reach their destination.

For so many days the weather had been good for the sailors. But one day there was a fierce storm in the sea. The storm was so strong that the ship of the sailors broke down. The sailors tried hard to save the ship, but eventually the ship overturned.

The sailors started swimming in the sea to save their lives. The monkey had also fallen into the water. He could not swim. He started drowning and he started seeing his death in front of him. He started screaming to save his life.

At the same time a dolphin passed by. She saw the monkey drowning, so she went to him and made him sit on her back. She started swimming towards an island with the monkey. On reaching the island, the dolphin took the monkey off its back. The monkey came to life.

The dolphin asked the monkey, “Do you know this place?”

“yes of course. The king here is a very good friend of mine. And you know that I am also a prince. The habit of the monkey was to exaggerate. He started talking big things in front of the dolphin.

The dolphin understood that the monkey was lying to show his pride, because it was a deserted island, where no one lived.

Answering the monkey’s words, she said, “Oh! Then you are a prince. It is very good. But do you know that very soon you are going to become the king of this island.

“The king and me? How?” asked the monkey in surprise.

“That’s because you are the only creature on the island. That’s why you can easily become the king here. I am leaving. Now you handle your kingdom. Saying this, the dolphin started swimming away from there.

The monkey kept calling and the dolphin, angry with his lies and boasting, left him there.

Lesson – To boast in vain is to invite trouble.


14 – The Story Of The Greedy Dog And The Bone


A butcher of the village kindly gave a piece of bone to a hungry dog. The dog pressed that piece of bone in its mouth and happily went to seek solitude. In solitude, he wanted to taste the bone by sucking it till he was comfortably satisfied.

A river lay on the way. When the dog passed by the river bank, its sight fell on its own shadow visible on the water of the river. The silly dog thought that there was another dog staring at him.

In his shadow he saw a bone buried in his mouth and foolishly thought that the other dog also had a bone. He was filled with greed and started fighting his mind to grab that bone.

He was proud of his power. He thought that I would bark and scare the other dog and snatch the bone. If he is not afraid of barking, then I will definitely defeat him in a fight.

After that he started barking at his own shadow visible in the river, due to which the bone buried in his mouth fell into the water. The dog saw that there was no bone in the mouth of the other dog as well. The dog realized his folly and went away hanging his mouth. Greed took away from him even what he had.

Lesson – Greed is evil.


15 – The Story Of The Hardworking Ant And The Lazy Grasshopper


It was a hot day. A grasshopper was happily jumping on the grass in the bright morning sun. He was very happy and in that happiness he was singing, dancing and enjoying life.

On one hand, while the grasshopper was busy in his fun, on the other hand, an ant was carrying a grain of grain on its back and taking it to its burrow. When the ant passed by the grasshopper, the grasshopper called him over and said, “Come and have fun, dear ant.”

But the ant refused and continued with his work. She worked hard the whole day, picking up grains one by one from the field and taking them to her bill.

The grasshopper immersed in his fun looked at the ant and laughed. He repeatedly called her to him and said, “Dear ant, why are you working so hard? Come, rest for a while, listen to my song. The days of summer are long and bright. Why waste such a beautiful day after working so hard?”

The ant said, “I am collecting food for the cold season. Follow my advice, then do the same. Otherwise you will regret later.

“Why worry about cold weather now?” The grasshopper said, “I have enough food and winter is far away. There is a lot of time to prepare for that. For now, I want to spend my time sleeping comfortably and having fun. If you believe me, then stop working and have fun.

Ignoring the grasshopper’s talk, the ant continued in its work. By working hard the whole summer, he collected a lot of grain in his bill, which was going to be useful to him during the cold days.

On the other hand, instead of preparing for the cold weather, the grasshopper kept dancing and singing the whole day. In his fun, he did not realize that the summer days are not going to last very long. Soon cold days and then rainy days will come, which will be difficult days for creatures like that.

Slowly the summer has gone and the season of spring has arrived. Then the spring season turned into cold. Now the sun was barely visible in the sky. The days became shorter and the nights became longer. It was getting bitterly cold and it was snowing.

Now the grasshopper realized that the ant was right. He too should have prepared for this season in advance. But he kept on dancing and singing and having fun the whole summer. Now he neither felt like singing nor dancing. His food was over. He was suffering from cold and hunger.

He had not thought that the cold could be so bad. He didn’t have food. There was no arrangement to escape from the snow. He started feeling that in the summer season in which he had enjoyed so much, he might not be alive to see that season next time.

One day, while suffering from hunger, in the snowy weather, he looked at the ant, who was resting happily in his burrow. He had enough food and shelter from the cold. The grasshopper started repenting and started crying. He had got the result of wasting time.

Learning – Make good use of time, otherwise nothing comes to your hand except regret when time goes out of hand.


16 – The Story Of The Fox And The Grapes


A fox lived in a forest. One day she was wandering in the jungle in search of hungry and thirsty food. While wandering, it became evening from morning, but she could not get the prey.

By evening, she reached a village near the forest. There he saw a field. The fox, suffering from hunger, entered the field. There was a grape vine wrapped around a tall tree, in which bunches of juicy grapes were engaged.

On seeing the grapes, saliva started dripping from the fox’s mouth. She wanted to be satisfied after eating those juicy grapes. He fixed his sight on a bunch of grapes and jumped loudly. A bunch of grapes hanging from a vine wrapped around a high branch was out of his reach. His effort was in vain.

He thought why not make one more attempt. This time she jumped with a little more force. But this time also failed to reach the grapes. For some time she kept on trying to reach the grapes by jumping. But how much effort does a tired, hungry and thirsty fox make after wandering in the forest for the whole day?

She got tired and sat under the tree and started looking at the grapes with greedy eyes. He understood that it was beyond his reach to reach the grapes. So after staring at the grapes for some time, she got up and started leaving.

She had given up the idea of eating grapes. The monkey sitting on a tree nearby was watching him for a long time. Seeing her leaving, he could not stop himself and asked, “What happened fox sister? Why are you going back? Won’t you eat grapes?

The fox stopped and seeing the monkey said with a faint smile, “No monkey brother. I do not eat such grapes. These are sour.

Learning – When we are not able to achieve something, then to hide our weaknesses or to ignore the lack of our efforts, we often find fault in that thing itself. While there is a need, to identify your weaknesses and remove them, to work wisely and to keep trying continuously till you succeed. Nothing is achieved in life by blaming others. It is achieved through hard work and efforts.


17 – The Story Of The Little Bird


Once upon a time. There was a dense forest, in which all kinds of small and big animals and birds lived. A small bird also used to live by making a nest on a tree in the same forest.

One day there was a fierce fire in that forest. There was hue and cry in all the creatures. Everyone started running after saving their lives. The tree on which the little bird used to live was also in the grip of fire. He too had to leave his nest.

But she did not panic seeing the forest fire. She immediately went to the river and filled water in her beak and returned to the forest. After sprinkling water in the fire filled with water in the beak, she again went towards the river. In this way, after filling water in her beak from the river, she started pouring it into the forest fire again and again.

When the rest of the animals saw her doing this, they started laughing and said, “Hey queen bird, what are you doing? You are extinguishing the forest fire with a beakful of water. Leave stupidity and run after saving your life. The forest fire will not be extinguished like this.

After listening to his words, the little bird said, “If you want to run, then run. I will not run. This forest is my home and I will do my best to protect my home. Then no one should support me.

All the animals bowed their heads in shame after listening to the bird. He realized his mistake. Everyone apologized to the little bird and then started trying to extinguish the forest fire with her. Eventually their hard work paid off and the fire in the forest was extinguished.

Lesson – No matter how big the calamity is? Never give up without trying.


18 – The Story Of The Little Red Hen


A little red hen used to live in a field. She was very hard working. A dog, a cat and a duck lived near his house. All three were lazy. Even after this there was a good friendship between the four. Sometimes the dog, the cat, and the duck took advantage of the little red hen. She would work hard to prepare her food and all three would reach to eat. Because of friendship even the hen did not say anything to them.

Its just matter of one day. The little red hen was wandering in the field when she saw some wheat seeds lying in the soil, seeing which she started thinking – ‘Why shouldn’t I sow these seeds in the field. When the harvest is done, I will grind the wheat and make bread out of it and eat it with pleasure.’

He hoped that his friends would definitely help him in this work. She picked up the wheat grains and first reached the dog. He said to the dog, “Friend! Look, I have found these wheat seeds in the field. I want to sow it. Will you help me?”

The dog was resting at that time. He replied, “No! It is time for my bed and I am having a sound sleep. I can’t do this right now.”

The little red hen went up to the duckling and asked him, “Friend! Will you help me in sowing these wheats.

The duck said, “No! Look how sunny it is. I’ll get burnt. Sorry I can’t help you.”

Then the little red hen went to the cat and showed him the wheat seeds and asked, “Friend! The dog and the duck are not helping me. Will you help me?”

The cat said, “Look, at this time I am going to the neighboring house to drink milk. That’s why I can’t help you right now. If I don’t get milk, I will starve.”

Saddened, the little red hen said, “It’s okay! I myself go and sow these seeds in the field.

She went to the field and after working hard all day in the hot sun, she sowed all the seeds by evening.

Time passed and the wheat crop started swaying in the field, seeing which the little red hen was very happy and ran to the dog first. He asked the dog, “Friend! The crop is swaying in the field. Will you help me with the harvest?”

“No! I won’t be able to do this. I am not feeling well. The dog bit the cane.

The little red hen approached the duck and asked her to help, so she said, “You see, how small I am, how will I harvest the field? Sorry, I will not be able to do it.

The little red hen went up to the cat, who had come from a bath and was sitting in the sun. When the little red hen asked her for help in harvesting, she said in shock, “No, I will not do this work. I have just come from bath. I will get dirty in the dust there.

The little red hen went away feeling sad and went straight to the field. There he single-handedly harvested the crops.

The next day he thought why not grind these wheats. The flour will be useful for making bread.

She again reached to the dog and said, “Friend! Come with me till the flour mill. I have to grind these wheats.

“Tell me not to do such work. I am not for all these things.’ The dog replied bluntly.

When the little red hen asked the duck, he again made the same excuse that he was too small to go that far to the flour mill.

When the little red hen went to the cat and asked for help, the cat said, “The flour flying from the flour mill will spoil my hair, I cannot go there.”

The sad little red hen went to the flour mill alone and came back after grinding the wheat.

The next day she thought of making bread and reached her three friends. All three were playing in the field. He asked, “Guys! Will you help me make the roti?’

“No!” All three said in one voice, “We don’t even know how to make bread.”

The little red hen went alone and made bread. When the hot rotis were ready, she went to the dog, the duck and the cat and showed them the rotis and said, “Now tell who will eat the rotis?”

“We!” All three spoke together.

“No!” The hen said, “I have done all the hard work for these breads, so I will eat all the breads.” And started eating breads with pleasure. The dog, duck and cat didn’t make any effort, so they just stared at the little red hen.

Lesson – One should never steal from hard work.


19 – Instructive Story Of Cat And Dog


Its just matter of one day. A cat was going somewhere. Then suddenly a huge and terrible dog appeared in front of him. The cat got scared seeing the dog. Dogs and cats are born enemies. The cat smelled the danger of her life and started running there keeping her life on her palm. But in agility she was less than a dog. In a short while the dog caught him.

The cat’s life was made. Death was in front of it. Seeing no other way, she started begging in front of the dog. But his pleading had no effect on the dog. He was ready to kill her. Then suddenly the cat put a proposal in front of the dog, “If you spare my life, then from tomorrow you will not need to go anywhere in search of food. I will take this responsibility. I will bring food for you everyday. If anything is left after you eat, give it to me. I will fill my stomach with that.

This proposal of getting food to the dog everyday without working hard got firmed up. He gladly accepted it. But at the same time he also warned the cat that the result of cheating would be dire. The cat swore that she would keep her promise at any cost.

The dog became convinced. From that day onwards he started living on the food brought by the cat. There was no need for him to go anywhere in search of food. He would lie on his tent all day long and wait for the cat. The cat would also bring him food on time everyday. A month passed like this. The dog did not go anywhere for a month. He just kept lying in one place. He became very fat and heavy by lying in one place and not doing any running.

One day the dog was watching the way of the cat as usual. He was very hungry. But the cat was not even taking the name of coming. When the cat did not come even after waiting for a long time, the dog being impatient went out to find the cat.

He had reached only a short distance when his eyes fell on the cat. She is cleaning her hands on a mouse with great fun. The dog growled angrily and growled and said to the cat, “You cheater cat, you have broken your promise. Now take care of your life.

Saying this he rushed towards the cat. The cat was already alert. She immediately ran away from there to save her life. The dog also ran after him. But this time the cat turned out to be more agile than the dog. The dog had become so fat and heavy that it could not chase the cat for long and sat down tired. While running away with agility, the cat disappeared from his eyes.

Lesson – Dependence on others does not last long. It makes us lazy and weak. If you want to be successful in life, then be self-reliant.


20 – The Story Of The Porcupine And The Snake


A porcupine was wandering in search of a place to live. After wandering the whole day, he saw a cave. He thought – ‘This cave is a good place to live.’

When he reached the entrance of the cave, he saw that a family of snakes lived there.

Sahi greeted them all and requested, “Brothers! I’m homeless Please give me some place to live in this cave. I will be forever grateful to you.

The snakes took pity on the porcupine and accepted his request and allowed him to come inside the cave. But after he entered the cave, they realized that they had made a big mistake by inviting him inside and giving him a place to stay, as the spines of the porcupine’s body were piercing him and wounding his skin.

He said to the porcupine, “The thorns of your body are burying us. So you go from here and find some other place.

By then the porcupine had settled down comfortably in the cave. Said, “Brother, I like this place very much. I am not going anywhere. Whoever has a problem, he should go from here.

Eventually the snakes had to leave the cave to save their skin from the thorns on the porcupine’s body. After the snakes left, the porcupine completely occupied the place.

Lesson – Sometimes we give a finger and the other hand takes hold. That’s why one should think carefully before helping someone.


21 – The Story Of The Elephant And The Bear


An elephant lived in a forest. He was very kind. He always used to help everyone in times of trouble. Because of his nature, all the animals of the forest loved him very much.

One day the elephant felt thirsty and went to the river to drink water. There he saw a crocodile buried under a big stone on the bank of the river and moaning in pain.

The elephant asked him, “Brother crocodile! What has happened? How did you get buried under this stone?

The crocodile moaned and replied, “What should I tell, Grandfather Elephant! I was resting on the river bank after having food. Don’t know how this piece of that big rock broke and fell on me. It is paining. Help me. Remove this stone. I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life.

The elephant felt pity on him. But he was also afraid that the crocodile might attack him. So he asked, “Look brother crocodile! I will help you, but promise that you will not attack me.

“I promise.” The crocodile spoke.

The elephant went to the crocodile and removed the heavy stone from its back. But as soon as the stone was removed, the sly crocodile pressed the elephant’s leg in its jaws.

The elephant groaned and said, “What is this brother crocodile? This is cheating. You had promised.

But the crocodile did not leave the elephant’s leg. The elephant started screaming in pain. Not far away, a bear was resting under a tree. When he heard the cry of the elephant, he came to the river bank.

Seeing the elephant in that condition, he asked, “What happened to this elephant brother?”

“I helped this sly crocodile and it attacked me. save me.” The elephant moaning told the whole story of the crocodile being buried under the stone.

“What did you say? This crocodile was buried under a stone and was still alive. I do not agree.” Bear spoke.

“It was like that.” The crocodile growled and tightened its grip on the elephant’s legs.

“can not be!” The bear spoke again.

“That’s how it was, Brother Bear!” The elephant spoke.

“I am not going to believe without seeing. Show me how this crocodile was buried under that stone and was still alive after that. Brother elephant, at least put that stone on the back of this crocodile. Then remove it and show it. Bear spoke.

The crocodile also got ready. He left the elephant’s leg and went to the bank of the river. The elephant put that heavy stone on him.

The crocodile said to the bear, “Look at this! I was buried under such a stone. Now you are sure After this the elephant came and removed the stone. Come on elephant now remove the stone. The crocodile spoke.

′′ No elephant brother! This crocodile is not capable of helping. Leave it like this. Come let’s go.” Bear spoke.

After this the elephant and the bear left from there. The crocodile remained there under the stone. He had already got the fruits of his cunning.

Learning – We should always be grateful to the one who helps us.
With wisdom one can get out of any trouble.