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Is It Advisable to Buy Ad-Ons like Dengue?

You save finances for a rainy day. But what about an emergency that hits immediately right after?

After the monsoon, dengue menace shows up. Not only to protect the health of yourself and your dear ones at this time, but you also need to meet the hospital expenses carefully. A specialised health insurance plan here solves dual motives, doesn’t it?

Considering stiff competition in the sector of health insurance, a lot of insurers are reverting back to new and innovative products to lure the customers. They understand the need of the hour and seem to have a solution for every problem customers face in health insurance. One such product of health insurance plans is the dengue care plan offered by Apollo Munich. As the name suggests, the plan provides benefits only if one suffers from dengue. Let us understand more about the plan.

Apollo Munich’s dengue plan offers coverage for all the inpatient or outpatient treatment expenses incurred for the treatment of dengue. The plan covers all the costs related to and limited to dengue. The plan comes with two options for coverage- INR 50,000 and INR 1,00,000. It has a fixed premium to be paid at a flat rate of INR 444 and INR 578 excluding taxes. It is not dependent on the proposer’s age. At the time of taking the cover, there is no need for the insured to undergo any medicals.  Plus, the plan allows INR 10,000 worth of outpatient expenses.

A serious case of dengue entails hospitalisation for nearly 3-5 days. Though the insurers considering their experience say that the coverage claim size ranges somewhere from INR 30,000 to INR 40,000, but the total cost of the entire treatment in a private hospital would cost you nowhere lesser than INR 65,000-INR 70,000.

A comparison

Most of the health insurance plan provides coverage for expenses related to inpatient hospitalisation, pre-hospitalisation, and post-hospitalisation. It also covers treatment costs. The dengue plan has the added advantage of outpatient expenses and when it comes to dengue, it does not cost much.

People often prefer treatment at home, thus for the outpatient expenses, this plan comes handy. But if you know your health insurance plan will provide for your treatment, then why go for treatment at home? Getting admitted to the hospital and seek treatment under the supervision of specialists is always a better option rather than getting treated at home. Even upon availing home treatment, the outpatient expenses are rather high, thus an add-on plan is justified.

If paying some extra does not bother you then you can think of enhancing your existing health plan, as it would cost you more or less the same, i.e. INR 50,000 or INR 1,00,000. After all, a basic health plan provides cover for every contingency and not just one illness with limited probability.

In short, in order to protect your finances from getting derailed, you must have a health cover. Also, you must be able to recognise the trend so that you understand the necessity of add on for a particular illness. You may seek the help of health insurance brokers like in the process of buying health insurance. You may also reach out to us by writing at for better assistance.


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