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It’s Time to End Your Search for Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patients

The heart is one of the most vital organs that keep us alive.

Making efforts to ensure good heart health is important for every individual so that they do not end up being diagnosed with heart diseases like unnumbered people across the country.

How heart conditions arise? Many people don’t know that it is when plaque, made of fat, calcium, cholesterol, and other substances in the blood, builds up in the coronary arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to heart muscles, it leads to obstruction of blood flow to the heart’s chambers, thereby causing a heart attack, sudden cardiac death, and stroke.

As far as multiple heart disease types are concerned, they affect different parts of the heart and occur in different forms. Therefore, it is significant for a heart patient to be prepared with the best heart health insurance to at least prevent financial instability when a medical  emergency takes place.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patient

The benefits of health insurance plans for heart patients are as follows:

  • With a health insurance plan, you can focus completely on your recovery rather than worrying about the financial condition.
  • Focus on recovery rather than financial condition
  • Many health insurance companies offer coverage even along with pre-existing diseases.
  • You can avail health insurance plans even at affordable premiums
  • Various tax benefits are offered with health insurance plans under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Coverage for all heart ailment types, unlike regular health insurance plans and critical illness plans
  • Coverage even with pre-existing diseases
  • Affordable premiums
  • Fixed lump sum pay out irrespective of actual expenses incurred for medical procedure or diagnostic tests
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, etc.

Importance of Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patient

Today, a majority of individuals in India have become vulnerable to a variety of heart associated issues due to their poor eating habits, lack of physical activities, work stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Other than this, the death rate has also gone up significantly owing to different cardiac health ailments in individuals. Moreover, the expenses for health care has also gone up significantly in the past few years, which is making a huge dent in the pockets of middle class people. Henceforth, it is important to buy a health insurance plan for heart patients from a reputable health insurance provider in order to receive financial support during the time of need. The primary goal of having these health insurance plans is to receive financial support and coverage against the expenses that can arise because of hospitalisation and treatment against heart health problems of an insured individual.

Top 5 Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patients​

1) Star Cardiac Care Plan

Cardiac Care Insurance policy by Star Health Insurance is a specialised plan that covers cardiac diseases. Available in two options, namely Silver and Gold, Cardiac Care not only covers hospitalisation cover, but also rent charges, nursing charges, cost of medicines & drugs, and other expenses. Moreover, pre and post hospitalisation charges, pre-existing diseases are also covered other than 405 day care treatments.


i. Eligibility – People aged between 10 years and 65 years who have undergone PTCA/CABG within 7 year period prior to proposal or ASD or VSD that has been corrected or PDA that has been treated or RF Ablation or RF Ablation performed to correct the underlying cardiac condition or has an Angiogram performed, but no intervention was medically found necessary

ii. Sum insured options – Rs.3,00,000 and Rs.4,00,000

iii. Coverage – Hospitalisation cover for accidents & non-cardiac ailments, cardiac ailments, outpatient medical expenses, and personal accident cover for accidental death

iv. Co-payment – 10% of each claim made by the insured individual, above 60 years at entry level and renewals thereafter (applicable for hospitalisation cover for accidents & non-cardiac ailments)

v. Waiting period – 90 days for cardiac ailments, irrespective of whether they are pre-existing or not

2) ICICI Pru Heart/ Cancer Protect

ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect is a health insurance policy that helps cardiac patients when they are diagnosed with heart ailments. When it comes to preparing for the unexpected, Heart/Cancer Protect does it best.

The policyholder is paid a lump sum amount when diagnosed with any illness covered under the plan. What’s more is that the plan comes with increasing cover benefit under which the sum assured increases by 10% each year. The amount is added to the sum assured until the first claim, subject to increased sum assured being less than twice the initial sum assured.


i. Lump sum payouts, cover up to Rs.75Lakh and waiver of premiums

ii. Increasing cover up to 200%

iii. Choice of hospital, without restrictions of network hospitals

iv. Survival period – 7 days (heart ailments)

v. Policy renewal – Up to age 75 years age

vi. Single Pay option comes with 5 years of policy term (minimum policy term), while for Regular Pay option, the policy term lasts from 5 years to 40 years

vii. 5% discount on first year premium on purchase of cover for self and spouse

3) Heart Mediclaim – Care 

Heart Mediclaim by Care Health Insurance is an affordable health insurance one can opt for heart-related diseases. Helping heart patients prepare themselves financially, Heart Mediclaim lets them be their own superhero. The plan covers expenses due to in-patient hospitalisation up to SI, expenses 30 days pre-hospitalisation and 60 days post-hospitalisation, in addition to ambulance cover up to Rs 3000 per hospitalisation and air ambulance cover up to Rs.5Lakh.


i. Sum insured options – Rs.10Lakh, Rs.25 Lakh, Rs.50 Lakh, Rs.1 Crore and Rs.2 Crore

ii. Initial waiting period- 90 Days, For pre-existing disease – 48 months

iii. Policy tenure – 1/2/3 Years

iv. Entry age – 5 years to 50 years, on individual basis

v. International second opinion – once per covered condition per policy year

4) Heart & Health Insurance – Future Generali

Future Generali’s Heart & Health Insurance is a comprehensive health protection plan, which that protects you and your loved ones against financial risks owing to any unpredictable medical emergency. The offered plan comes with a fixed financial benefit that helps policyholders cover their medical expenses, especially in case of cost of second opinions, critical illness that demands a long-term treatment, post treatment nursing as well as loss of income during the affected period. Also, the plan comes with the flexibility of choice as it allows one to choose between Heart Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Heart Cover with Return of Premium, or Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium.


i. Heart Cover provides coverage against 18 heart-related illnesses and surgical procedures

ii. Coverage from early stages

iii. Inbuilt death benefit available from day 1

iv. A fixed lump sum payout on diagnosis of critical illness or undergoing surgical procedure covered under the policy

v. Cover amount options – Rs.5 Lakh, Rs.10 Lakh, Rs.20 Lakh, Rs.30 Lakh, Rs.40 Lakh, Rs.50 Lakh

vi. High cover at low premium

vii. Option to get your premium back

viii. Tax benefit

5) Aviva Heart Care

Aviva Heart Care is a non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan. India’s only plan dedicated to the heart that covers both, the policyholder as well as their spouse. Voted “Product of the Year” for innovation in the insurance category, Heart Care Heart Care plan by Aviva covers 19 heart conditions for 2 hearts and offers loss of income. This cardiac cover offers fixed payout irrespective of the cost of treatment.


i. Coverage against 19 mild, moderate, and severe cardiovascular conditions, and procedures

ii. Multiple claims under a single policy

iii. Double coverage with WE+ (for you and your spouse) and ME+ (for individuals) Plans

iv. Rs.7.8 per day for ME plan (for individuals) or 10% extra for WE Plan (for you and your spouse)

v. Sustained coverage with waived premiums​


Health insurance for heart patients is a must. One never knows when a cardiac ailment would show up on their health report card in the coming time. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared in advance so that in case, a cardiac ailment occurs, it can be dealt without facing any financial problems. After all, health insurance for cardiac patients is a boon that not only grants stability in terms of finance, b


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