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Lets Explore Some Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance Plans!

When it comes to the benefits of health insurance plans, numerous individuals consider that medical coverage is just to provide us with hospitalization costs. However, the actual picture is much bigger and broader than this as some schemes extend their offerings to a much bigger level by bearing the bills for different other procedures too. But, due to the lack of knowledge, many times a few advantages pertaining to health plans go unused, which makes even the best policies look worthless to the policyholders. This happens because the success of a plan depends not solely on its offerings, but also on how well it is utilized. Here are some details about the lesser known benefits of insurance plans:

1. Recovery Benefit

Recognized being called as convalescence benefit too, the insurance providing firms deal with the policyholder’s recuperation costs under this head only. This benefit takes care of the supplementary costs that arise because of hospitalization, for example, depletion in income. Also, the insurer is required to pay a fixed or lump sum amount, in the situation of prolonged hospitalization that may go stretch from 7 to 10 days. Under a few plans, even the related costs, which comprise caring visits by relatives are also covered by the insurer.

2. Alternative Procedures

In recent years, the prominence of alternative treatments has increased a lot. This has incited numerous insurance agencies to cover different types of treatments and medications like Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and so on.  yoga. Generally, the maximum insurers who allow the coverage for alternative procedures, secure the treatment to around Rs 25,000. In addition, different health insurance policies cover elective treatments only they are implemented either in a government clinic or hospital or at a foundation affiliated with the National Accreditation Board on Health or Quality Council of India or by both.

3. Costs Related to Organ Donation

The expense of kidney transplant could extend in between Rs 3 lakhs and Rs 5 lakhs. Having a medical coverage policy guarantees that you won’t need to stress over your medical costs before experiencing an organ transplant procedure. The maximum amount of insurance agencies covers organ transplant medical procedure as a feature of their offerings. A few insurance providers repay the whole expense, while others put a cap on these costs or allow it just as an extra advantage. Be that as it may, insurers take care of expenses of the medical procedure meant to harvest the organ, but don’t cover the costs like donor’s hospitalization, screening expenses, post-treatment complexities etc.

4. Domiciliary Treatment 

The competition gives a headache to the companies, but utmost comfort to the customers. On a similar note, numerous medical insurance providing companies to extend their insurance coverage to incorporate even the treatments rendered at home under medical supervision. Notwithstanding, different insurers try to place the cap on the sum and the number of days for which the advantage is accessible and due to this the amount under this feature may vary from insurer to insurer.

5. The Attendant Allowance  

Insurance agencies also offer an allowance of the attendant to the individuals who are there to accompany the insured individual at a health care centre, clinic or a hospital, given that the insured person is a kid. Most of the time it is seen that the quantity of days for which an insurer pays the orderly recompense is fixed in advance. Some insurance companies own the offers to provide the attendant allowance with the rate of Rs 500/day for a maximum of 10 days.

6. Cash allowance for Hospital Expenses

When a patient gets admitted into a hospital, then apart from the hospitalization costs he or she needs to bear some more expenses too, such as travel, food, etc. Some insurers understood their agony and introduce the feature of providing the cash allowance in health insurance plans to help policyholder in handling the daily overall hospital expenses. For example, SBI’s Hospital Daily Cash plan offers cash benefit of up to Rs 2,000 every day. The sum may increase up to Rs 4,000 every day due to ICU and hospitalization due to an accident.

7. Free Health Checkup

Another advantage that is served by the insurance providing firms render to the policyholders is to avail health checkups for free of cost at some intervals after each 4 or 5 guarantee free years. The insurers offer these cashless health checkups only if the tests are done at the affiliated or network hospitals or clinics.

8. Dental Treatment

Some insurance agencies cover dental care procedure once in a span of a few years with some sub-limits. For example, Apollo Munich’s Maxima Health Plan and some other policies of different insurers cover outpatient dental related procedures after a waiting period of around 3– 4 years.

9. Bariatric Surgeries

In this fast-moving and the body-conscious world, obesity is considered a bane. Obesity not only impacts the physical appearance but also affect the health of the individuals. This has made the Bariatric medical procedure to be seen as a lifestyle betterment tool rather than just a cosmetic procedure. Observing its importance among the people and analyzing the increasing numbers of patients availing the treatment nowadays, numerous insurance providers have started covering Bariatric medical procedures, if someone is opting it considering improvement in the medical condition.

In Short
The best health insurance policies in India have quite a lot to offer. But, many policyholders couldn’t avail them to the fullest due to lack of information about their plans. Thus, going through the above benefits, which are generally obscured, you can utilize your medical coverage for more reasons than just for the sake of hospitalization. Knowing about these benefits will not only help insured individuals to gain more but also enhance the significance of health policies in reference to value for money.


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