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Make Your Life Easier and Healthier with E-Insurance Account

Purchasing health insurance plans today is accessible online with a click. Fortunately, the digital era has brought several significant changes in the health insurance segment too. If someone has chosen an insurance plan post-April 2014, he or she can automatically get covered under the E-insurance facility. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has shortlisted different organizations and allowed them to keep the information about insurance strategies in electronic shape for different insurers.

What is an E-Insurance Policy?

An E-Insurance is like a repository where one can easily deal with different insurance policies such as health insurance, life insurance and so on, at one place. Each one of the policies that are stored in E-insurance accounts alludes to E-insurance arrangements. Having an E-insurance plan spares you from the superfluous paperwork. Also, it shields you against policy theft and loss. In short, with this, you can have access to your account whenever and wherever you need and that too within a snap of a click.

Highlights of an E-Insurance Account: 

  • An individual can just own one E-insurance account in his/her name.
  • One can maintain all the electronic insurance policies including life, health, pension, or general ones, even from different health insurers under a similar record.
  • Each and every E-insurance account is allotted a unique account number that can be utilized for all correspondence.
  • When purchasing an online insurance policy, one can easily embed his/her special E-insurance account number in their forms and send it with a demand to issue the policy in the electronic arrangement.
  • As KYC forms are now checked by one’s insurance repository, one doesn’t have to again fill the KYC form and present the reports.
  • A special login ID and password are given to each record holder to access their accounts.

Having known all these, we’re certain that you’re hoping to know the advantages of e-protection accounts. So, here are the top 5 benefits of E-Insurance Accounts:

1. Security

The online health insurance account is equipped with its very own advantages. It provides safety to your health insurance policy from being robbed or lost. Since it is in electronic shape, you can have access to your policy account from anywhere and at any time with a click.

2. KYC Submission 

With the E-insurance account number, it is not required to submit KYC records each time someone goes for a new insurance policy purchase. To implement this, you just need to provide a reference to your online insurance account number.

3. Comfort

One single E-insurance account is enough to purchase different insurance schemes from an assortment of insurers, which is a big convenience.

4. Payments

From the point when your online health insurance policy is opened and gets activated, you can pay installments for your premium online with the assistance of your record. You don’t need to waste your time standing in long queues or issue cheques to make payments.

5. Tracking

Every year, the insurance repository shares the annual statement of the insured individuals with them, with all the details of the policy held by him/her. This makes it quite easier for the account holders to monitor their policies.

As of now you know about the advantages of E-insurance, it’s time to open an account for E-insurance. Here are the well-ordered guidelines underneath to open an E-insurance account:

The Process to Open E-Insurance Account? 

The E-insurance account can be opened in three simple steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Download the E-Insurance Account opening form from your favorite Insurance Repository.
Step 2: Complete the form by filling it and attaching the self-authenticated duplicates of KYC documents. The KYC documents required for Opening an E-Insurance Account comprises of:

Latest Passport Size Photo
One Cancelled Cheque
Any one of the following KYC (Know Your Customer) documents:

1.Identity Proof – PAN Card, Aadhaar Card or Voter Identity Card
2.Address Proof – Driving License, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card and so on.
3.Date of Birth Document – Domicile Certificate, PAN Card, Ration card, and so on.

Step 3: Submit the forms alongside self-verified documents to your favoured repository.
When your submitted application is acknowledged, an account number alongside the login id and secret pin or password will be assigned to you. With your accreditation, your online insurance account will be just a single click away.


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