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Secrets to Know About Corporate Insurance Plan

Corporate insurance plan is becoming a widespread phenomenon in India. Most of the companies have added or are adding it in the set of employee benefits.

Other benefits comprise gratuity, EPF scheme, superannuation and also a group health insurance coverage.

But unlike other benefits, corporate insurance is a blessing because it provides the coverage for themselves and their families that too without a specific limitation on time.

Corporate insurance plan is health insurance that an employer offers its employees. The employers provide it at a cheap price but do favour with the employees, solving the dual purpose.

By purchasing it for them, the employer provides them with varied health care needs. Simply put, it is a way of showing care and concern towards the employees.

Here are some major benefits of a group health insurance plan apart from the only popular one that is lower premium-

1. Attracts good employees

Employee benefits are an aspect that every potential employee gains thorough knowledge about. Good health insurance, therefore, attracts a lot of employees being a required benefit for most.

2. Helps to retain employees

Added benefits like health insurance offered by a company make the employees give a second thought at the time of switching the job. This is because they compare the benefits that the other company is offering, with those of the current one and go for the one offering more benefits.

3. Boosts performance and leads to a peaceful mind

As talked about above, if provided good health insurance, the employee feels secure as the employer is taking care of him as well as his family. This security gives the employees peace of mind and therefore motivation to perform better at work.

4. Helps in becoming an ‘employee first’ company

A good health insurance plan for the employees gives them a sense of satisfaction which makes them happy and more loyal towards the company.

5. Offers support during medical emergencies

The most important feature of health insurance plans is that it provides financial support at the time of medical emergencies. Same is the case with the corporate insurance plan. Furthermore, it neither burdens nor compromises on the quality of health care.

6. Coverage for the family too

Besides getting the employee insured, health insurance also covers his/her spouse, children and maybe the dependent parents too. Covering all the family members not only provides relief to the employees but a healthy life too.

7. Easy enrollment

In a corporate health plan, individual medical writing of the employees is not done. The health of all the employees would be covered by the virtue of their employment. So, in case of any illness, an employee gets covered under a corporate insurance plan even if his/her individual proposal for health insurance is rejected.


A corporate insurance plan is a very attractive thing to opt for that fulfils employees’ health insurance requirement to a large extent. It solves a lot of financial as well as as-as health issues for the employees.

But, a wise choice for an intelligent policyholder is to add independent health insurance to supplement his/her corporate plan. You can always customize your coverage to add parents and also go for lifelong renewability for yourself and your dear ones.

So, don’t just completely rely on your corporate plan, but cover yourself completely by finding a better and more comprehensive coverage.

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