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Showdown: Top-up Vs. Super Top-up Plan

Choosing the best health insurance policy is not an easy task. A buyer has to consider numerous aspects like premium, eligibility age, coverage benefits, exclusions, and numerous others in mind before taking a final decision. Yet another significant factor to consider is the sum insured amount. Emphasizing the sum insured amount is of massive importance because it is the element that decides how secure you are in your health insurance coverage. Sum insured amount, if and when falls short, leads to a compromise in the treatment quality and even no treatment. It can also end up in causing a policyholder to shell out their savings.

Top-up and super top-up plans are specifically designed to ensure that a policyholder does not have to compromise with their coverage amount. You will always find top-up and super top-up plans providing additional coverage to the policyholders by increasing their sum insured amount over the existing coverage. What’s best about top-up and super top-up policies is that they prevent one from buying a completely new policy.

Now that question that arises is that if top-up and super top-up plans are doing the same work, are they both the same? If not, then what is the difference between top-up and super top-up policies?

Let’s find out!

Difference Between Top-Up & Super Top Up Plans

The prime difference between top-up and super top-up plans can be described as below:

Basis Top-Up Policy Super Top-Up Policy
Coverage Covers expenses arising out of a single illness Covers expenses arising out of single or multiple illnesses
Claims Allowed Considers only one hospitalization over the base cover Considers the total of all bills submitted

Top-up health insurance policies provide additional coverage that is beyond the threshold limit (deductibles) of the existing health plan possessed by an insured individual. In other words, a top-up plan provides reimbursement for expenses that surpass the base cover only for one hospitalization.

On the other hand, super top-up health insurance policies provide coverage for the total of all hospitalization bills, above the threshold limit. In other words, a super top-up policy is the one that considers the total of all bills submitted, irrespective of whether they are for a single illness or multiple illnesses.

How Do I Know Whether Top Up or Super Top Up Is Better for Me?

A top-up plan would be better for you if you think that your existing health insurance plan is insufficient and won’t help you attain the desired coverage if a huge medical crisis takes place. Secondly, you can go for a top-up plan if you do not suffer from a chronic ailment or there is no risk of a terminal illness.

A super top-up plan would be the perfect choice for you if you are already at the risk of getting hospitalized more than once a year due to chronic diseases. Rest assured, the premium amount, in this case, would cost you less as compared to spending all your savings on hospitalization expenses.


Be it top-up policy or super top-up policy, both are specifically designed so as to ensure that the policyholder doesn’t run out of health insurance coverage during a medical emergency.

Based on one’s requirements, they should choose a top-up or super top-up plan so that they can enjoy extended coverage without having to buy a completely new health insurance policy.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.



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