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Some OnePlus Users Complain about Green Line on Display Issue (U: Lifetime Screen Warranty)

OnePlus has been under sharp criticism due to the poor quality of its software updates since 2020 with OxygenOS 11. People using the OnePlus 9R, OnePlus 8, 8T, and the 8 Pro were worst hit with display problems, and several people have reported the same on the OnePlus Forums, Reddit and Twitter.

Update August 11: OnePlus has announced a new “lifetime screen warranty” policy for customers in India affected by the green line display issue. In a statement to Android Authority, the company said it would provide free screen replacements for the lifetime of devices exhibiting this fault. For cases where replacement parts are unavailable, OnePlus offers affected OnePlus 8 and 9 series owners an upgrade discount. This warranty only applies to phones purchased in India.

Update February 23: It looks like several users are facing the display green line issue. Worried users are sharing images of the OnePlus handset with a green line on the screen on Twitter. Unfortunately, there are currently no known solutions for this problem. It would be best if you visited the service center.

All AMOLED screens are prone to tint and discolouration, but it has been happening much more to the OnePlus 9R and the entire OnePlus 8 series. This is a severe problem that OnePlus needs to look into. Many OnePlus users have recently reported a green line forming on the screen after the Oxygen OS 13 update.

Even after the latest version of OxygenOS (13), the issue has not been patched for several users. While this does not render the screen unusable, it’s still incredibly annoying to face such problems after paying over 40,000 INR for a OnePlus phone just for it to have issues with the display after one year.

It cannot be said whether these display issues are caused by poor-quality hardware malfunctioning after a few years or if it’s due to bad software updates.

A plausible explanation is that software updates are altering some voltage parameters, and if the quality of the panel isn’t good, it cannot handle the updated voltage parameters.

This might cause inconsistencies in the display’s colour reproduction, leaving a green line. This issue is primarily irreversible, and nothing can be done on the software front to fix it; since the OLED panel is physically damaged. A software update causing physical hardware damage is undoubtedly disappointing to look at.

There’s a huge possibility that a batch of outsourced OLED panels has undergone poor quality control because the green line/ flicker issues have been happening to several renowned brands, including Apple and Samsung, not just OnePlus.

Some people have conveyed that they got free display replacements even after the phone was out of warranty. If you have a OnePlus phone and you’re facing this issue, it’s recommended to contact a service centre.

While it might take an aggressive approach, the display will mostly be entirely replaced for free, provided there are no scratch marks or other physical damage to your phone.

Previously, we covered an issue with OnePlus 8 and 9 units facing Bluetooth problems, which adds to the list of bugs and issues introduced with the OxygenOS 13 update.

On Twitter, OnePlus Support replied to a tweet, stating that it wasn’t the experience they wanted the user to have. This seems like a vague and indirect response to the query, and it’s not an official acknowledgement of the issue.

The point of OnePlus and Oppo’s merger was to create a combined software experience of OxygenOS and ColorOS that is more stable and has fewer bugs.

Faster and more consistent updates were expected, but not updates that wreck the display quality. Given this problem’s large-scale reach and seriousness, we hope OnePlus addresses it as soon as possible.


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