Understanding the Concept of Package Treatments and Sub-Limits in Health Insurance \ 4022


Understanding the Concept of Package Treatments and Sub-Limits in Health Insurance

The health care sector has gained immense popularity in the last few years. People in India have finally comprehended and agreed to the significance of health insurance and the benefits that it comes with.

Due to the vast increase in the need for health insurance, and that too as per the specific needs of the people, insurance companies have started coming up with multifarious plans. These plans fit into people’s precise needs for critical illnesses, family floater, common illnesses, and others.

So, if you too want to get all your precise medical requirements fulfilled, consider opting for packaged treatments.​

​What are Packaged Treatments? ​

Specifically designed to fulfill the diverse needs of a family, packaged treatments are the ones that provide an individual with the ease of choosing plans that help in meeting the needs of treating specific ailments. Family health insurance are the best in such a case, as they can extend to the family, covering self, spouse, dependent children as well as parents.

Of immense help at a time when a family member falls ill or meets with an accident, packaged plans come with the benefit of usage for treating any family member. What’s even better is that packaged plans offer cashless treatment, availability of a list of network hospitals, and other benefits.

Note that there are many companies that have started including packages for treatments, selected based on the chosen hospital rooms. The package includes the treatment cost, in addition to the room rent and expenses of hospitalization.

​Elements of Packaged Treatments?

Meant to provide convenience to the insured individual, packaged treatment plans comprise coverage for the ailments, along with coverage for other areas that are a significant part of the expenses. All in all, register that a packaged treatment plan should include coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses, medical expenses, a good network of hospitals, etc.

 ​A Thing to Remember 

Before signing the packaged treatment plan, it is important to go through all the terms and conditions. Reading the fine print is of significant importance so as to gain a better understanding of the basics.
The Concept of Sub Limits in Packaged Treatments

As the name suggests, sub-limit is the extent up to which an insurer pays claims for medical expenses. Utilized by insurance companies to minimize their claims outgo, sub-limits in health insurance are basically clauses that are usually imposed on common ailments such as piles, kidney stone, cataract, and others.

It is important for one to comprehend that sub-limits are means by which a company limits the payment for a certain ailment and not pay beyond the limit mentioned. Additionally, register that if the treatment procedure crosses the defined sub-limit, it is you who will have to take care of the expenses.

Last but not the least, sub-limits are not only for procedures but also on hospital room rents. Let’s understand the same.

Sub-Limits on Room Rent

Under this option, the insurance company provides coverage for room rent every day, but only up to a particular limit. Also, the type of room is capped. In simple words, if you want a private room with a room rent cap in your insurance plan with a low amount, you will have to pay the difference from your pocket.

​Last but not the least, remember that most of the medical expenses such as doctor’s consultation charges, surgical expenses, or operation theatre fees differ based on the kind of room one opts for their stay. A twin-sharing room or a general room may come across as inexpensive as compared to a private room.

Feeling confused? Get in touch with your insurance provider so that you can clear doubts about the clause of sub-limit and prevent inconvenience at the time of hospitalization or filing a claim.

Having said that, in case you have been looking for the best health insurance for the past few days or months, keep in mind the concept of packaged treatments as well as sub-limits to make the most of it.

Now that you are aware of the packaged treatments and sub-limits in health insurance, don’t waste any more time. Get started with the selection!


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