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Want Ease and Comfort for Your Ageing Parents? Opt for Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Right from the time we are born, our parents ensure that we are taken care of properly. Providing us with the best possible support, apart from fulfilling our needs is what our parents aim for and leave no stone unturned in ascertaining. Therefore, be it a son or a daughter, it is the utmost responsibility of every individual to make sure their parents are always happy and healthy.

Needless to say, health becomes a major cause of concern with the passage of time. Especially, old age comes with multiple health issues that sometimes get challenging to handle and require immediate medical support. In order to prevent health issues from getting out of hand at such time and facing financial constraints, one can take superior care of old parents by taking Senior Citizen Health Insurance.

There’s no doubt that health care costs have increased at a rapid pace in the past few years. Like everyone else, escalated health costs have become a cause of concern for senior citizens too. The perfect way to avoid financial crisis at the time of medical emergency, especially in old age is by opting for senior citizen health insurance, which promises the best treatment while keeping the parents’ hard-earned, lifelong savings intact.

Having said that, let’s take a look at what all features does the health insurance for parents comprise.

Features of Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

When it comes to the specific elements of health insurance for senior citizens, note that it generally provides hospitalisation expenses, which include pre and post hospitalisation expenses. Expenses such as room charges, fees of  the doctor and surgeon, diagnostic test expenses, and cost of medicines are also a prime part of senior citizen health insurance. What’s best is that medical expenses, owing to sudden illnesses or accidents are also covered by senior citizen health insurance.

All in all, the best senior citizen health policy benefits include – 

  • Higher sum insured
  • Cashless hospitalisation
  • Day Care expenses arising out of technological advancements You may also like to read The best health insurance plans with daycare procedures
  • Covered ambulance charges
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Pre and Post hospitalisation coverage (depending on the number of days)
  • Protection from pre-existing diseases
  • Tax benefits on health insurance premiums
  • Quick and stress-free settlement

Now, focus on the elements to consider when buying health insurance for parents –

  • When searching health insurance for your parents, don’t forget to consider their medical history. You will have to provide information regarding existing health ailments that they have and know about.
  • When choosing the best plan, keep factors like coverage, cost, exclusions and others in mind. Select a policy only after you have compared multiple health insurance plans.
  • After the choice of the perfect policy, provide correct and relevant information when filling the policy proposal form. This prevents complications and most importantly, the rejection of the application.
  • ​The insured individual is required to undergo a medical test upon submission of a proposal form. The doctors on the insurance company’s panel verify the information based on the policyholder’s medical condition.
    Depending on the health of the insured, the doctor may conduct a few medical tests (there are also plans without the requirement for pre-policy medical screening tests).

At last, note that the list of documents required include:

  • Pre-policy medical checkup documents
  • Duly-filled proposal form
  • Supporting documents for any pre-existing condition
  • Age proof

So, why wait? Buy senior citizen health insurance today, and let your parents live a happy and risk-free life.

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