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Which Insurance Scheme Is Better to Opt for – Disease-Specific or a Standard Health Insurance Policy?

When it comes to health, everybody needs to be at their toes. The promptness and alertness bring a lot of difference in the treatment process. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your health insurance is covering the diseases you are most suffered from. Actually, the maximum health insurance plans have certain waiting periods for existing ailments but it becomes troublesome if the suffering is of acute or regular in nature.

Nowadays, due to the irregular and unhealthy lifestyle, almost everyone is suffering from some illnesses that require regular medication and treatment. On this note, the health insurance companies have introduced a plan to bringing sickness explicit medical coverage strategy for people experiencing hypertension and diabetes. Apollo Munich has recently come up with the approach to focus on the people experiencing diseases such as diabetes and hypertension alongside other such conditions.

Some other changes brought by different health insurance providers incorporate zero extra premiums for diabetes and hypertension, if you are buying a customary policy New India Assurance. On the other hand, Star Health has raised plans which are planned explicitly for individuals experiencing diabetes and HIV. These changes have made individuals suspicious enough to think as which plan to opt for i.e, disease-specific or regular health cover with constraints on prior ailments.

It is believed that the illness-specific policies are intended to benefit individuals who can’t go for customary health insurance coverage and just this segment of people show enthusiasm for the plan. The major difference in two plans is of the existence of waiting period may fluctuate from 2 to 4 years in common health insurance policies, while in disease-focused policies it abrogated and pre-existing ailments are being treated from the very first moment.

However. one can’t directly judge any plan as each arrangement has its own benefits and flaws. If the standard health insurance policy has a restriction of the waiting period, the centred plans own the confinements like co-payment while filling a claim. Also, there exists a sub-limit on room rent, where treatment expenses may also be covered up to some limit. Apollo Munich policy comprises a higher premium or the co-pay provision for the insurers.

In addition to these, the confinements put under disease-specific health insurance plans are on the basis of risk when covering an unhealthy individual. While in the regular health plan the cover is just given to individuals that are covered under low-risk health condition. Therefore, it can be concluded that both policies have their own speciality. The normal person can go for general insurance plan while an unwell individual should go for the specific health cover to seek the insurance covered treatment at once.


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